Balancing Trends

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Will I hate this in five years?

 “I want to redo my space, but I’m worried I won’t like it in a few years.” I hear this all the time from clients who are ready to update their living areas but feel overwhelmed by the choices available to them.  Fast furniture (link to and a proliferation of online design inspiration from Pinterest, Instagram, and HGTV can often make us feel like we are having living room FOMO.  You loved that shade of blue that the internet coveted last week, but this week everyone’s moved on to green.  One designer touts the simplicity of a white kitchen while another showcases kitchen cabinets in moody colors.  And a quick trip to a box store for toothpaste somehow turns into a cartful of throw pillows, artwork, and a resolve to finally update the living room.  (No judgment here on that one, by the way–I’ve been there more than I care to admit.)  With rapidly cycling trends and in-your-face inspiration, how do you cut through what’s popular right now to find what will be timeless tomorrow?  

When making a big investment, stick with the classics:

Kitchens, bathrooms, and floors help set the tone for a home. These elements are prominent visual signifiers in a space and tend to be highly reflective of their time.  I mean, we all know a 70s kitchen when we see one, right?  Given their significance in the home, these elements are also notoriously expensive and disruptive to update.  When selecting materials for major spaces or floors, I always advise clients to lean towards timeless: natural materials and a neutral palette have always played well with whatever trends come down the road.  Warm wood floors, light kitchens, and subway tile create lasting backdrops for your personal style to shine through.  Classics are classic for a reason; they look good, perform well, and stand firm against mercurial trends.

Designer: Florence Street Interiors.  Photo Credit: Florence Street Interiors

Natural materials and neutral colors always play nice with trends.  Use them to set the stage for your personal style.

Take time to assess your wants versus your commitment:

We all fall down the design inspiration rabbit hole from time to time–self included.  Those perfectly staged all-white rooms cast an ethereal glow on my Instagram feed, with each cream boucle sofa looking cozier than the next.  I want nothing more than an all-white room; there’s just something about them that seems so light and inviting. But with two pets, a busy life, and an affinity for red wine, that white room would be a disaster in no time.  Before signing on to a big trend in your home, ask yourself if this trend fits your lifestyle.  Sure, it looks great now – but how much time will you have to invest in keeping it looking that way? 

Designer: Jeremiah Brent.  Photo Credit: House Beautiful

Nothing beats the glow of a white room, but is the elbow grease worth it?

 A little goes a long way:

Before you go all in on a new trend, try a little first.  Love the popular moody green kitchens right now?  Me, too.  If you’re not sure you’re ready to commit to emerald cabinets just yet, however, introduce the color throughout the space through pottery, artwork, furniture, and plants to see how it resonates.  Decorative items can be extremely useful in introducing trends at an accessible – and relatively non-committal – level.  Artwork, upholstery, rugs, lamps, and decorative objects can all freshen up a room, introduce new colors and textures, and modernize style all without breaking the bank or causing a serious case of regret down the road.    

Designer: Sarah Picton for Plain English.  Photo credit: Architectural Digest

Hints of green bring a big splash to a neutral kitchen.

Trends will come and go, let’s navigate them together.

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